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Tools You must own if you’re a woodworker

If you’re a woodworker and about to start your own setup, here we have some tools for you that you must own, Even if people have much experience they often forget some tools while starting the work. Here we have a list of tools that will be very useful for any wood workshop owner.

Before you make purchase of any tools mentioned here, you must read the owner’s manual and follow all safety precautions given in the manual because some times little mistake handling this tool could be resulted in a very serious injury.

Japanese Saw

If you’re a not a big fan of European saw that cuts while you push !! Here we have a Japanese saw in the market that does the exactly opposite of European saw, Unlike European saw, Japanese saw cuts while you push. Japanese saw is worth having in your workshop.

Circular Saws

If your requirement is to cut in narrow slots this one give you the ability set the depth of blade. Circular saw comes in two options Handheld of Table mounted. Circular saw comes in a light weight that gives and advantage of taking anywhere.

Table Saws

Table saw are one of the most important tools in your workshop, Some of the best Table saws are useful in wide range of applications. It’s a fixed and heavy you can choose from so many different types of blades in table saw by your requirement.


If you’re are looking for cutting in both straight and circular motion, Jigsaw is the tool that being used in this kind of application. though cutting straight with jigsaw is little difficult but it’s very useful handheld tool for any woodworking shop.


Route is one of the best woodworking tools that used to hollow out in area of space in any wood piece. One of the greatest thing about router is you can set unlimited number of profiles to use it on different applications.

Last and most important tip from us is regarding safety, always follow all the safety measurement while working with any of these wood working tools, always wear safety protection glasses for the safety of eye.


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